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Sweden’s Left-Wing Magdalena Andersson Re-Appointed PM To Implement Right-Wing Budget

Rest Of The World November 29, 2021

Sweden’s Magdalena Andersson who relinquished power just seven hours after been appointed prime minister (PM) by the country’s parliament alias Riksdag on November 24, 2021, has returned to the throne. She was appointed PM one more time by Riksdag in the afternoon of November 29, 2021.

Magdalena Andersson who is also the leader of the leftist Social Democrats party returns to the top political position to lead a solo Social Democrats government after the party and its loyal coalition partner the Green party called it quits on November 24, 2021.

However, her rule that hopefully, would last until the country’s next general elections due in September 2022, will be amid rather awkward political circumstances. She will lead a left government that has no budget of its own. Instead, her government will be kept busy implementing a right-wing budget generated by its arch-rivals the Sweden Democrats, the Moderates, and the Christian Democrats. The budget was endorsed by Riksdag on November 24, 2021. For the Sweden Democrats, the endorsement of the budget was a gigantic political milestone that implied the party’s debut direct influence on governance in Sweden.

In other words, therefore, PM Magdalena Andersson's left government will, in strict terms, be engaged in facilitating right-wing policies. That may have far reaching implications for the Social Democrats party, especially its identity.

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