About Us

Africauptodate is an online news and media venture that offers impartial summaries of latest crucial news about Africa and its diaspora communities. It covers news pertaining to the political, economic, and environmental domains; as well as entertainment, lifestyle, and sports news. It also covers world news relevant to Africa and its diaspora communities.

News from various sources are analyzed critically everyday to generate concise summaries of most important credible news about Africa and its diaspora communities. Some original news by our own reporters are also offered.

In a world now flooded with news from numerous sources, some of which may even be fake, Africauptodate offers excellent solution to those seeking only credible and important news about Africa and Africa's diaspora communities.

Furthermore, Africauptodate provides some intellectual commentaries, and initiates occasional powerful debates about crucial current and emerging development issues about Africa and its diaspora communities.

Finally but not least, Africauptodate is a staunch advocate for democracy, inclusiveness, and human rights especially individual freedom. This stance is often reflected in the issues our commentaries and occasional debates address.