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Nigerian Men And Women Sexual Feud Emulated In Zimbabwe

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Africa | Zimbabwe | Entertainment & Lifestyle July 26, 2017

It was reported on July 25, 2017 that three young Zimbabwean women, Sandra Ncube (21), Riamuhetsi Mlauzi (23), and Mongiwe Mpofu (25), were arrested and charged before a court in Bulawayo, for alleged gang-raping of a male pastor. The court was told that on July 14, 2017, the pastor went to the house the three women reside, to demand money he was owed by Riamuhetsi Mlauzi. The pastor claims that instead of been given his cash, the three women ushered him into the house, undressed him, and pinned him to a bed before been forced to have sexual intercourse with Sandra Ncube, using a condom supplied by Mongiwe Mpofu. The trio, however, denied raping the pastor, with each giving the court different explanation of the incident. Sandra Ncube said that they were just having fun, and that she didn't think the pastor would take it, probably meaning the sexual intercourse, seriously. Mongiwe Mpofu on her part, observed that, she was not part of the incident because she only delivered some of the condoms they always keep in the house, after been requested to do so. Riamuhetsi Mlauzi in giving her explanation of the incident, said that she wanted to fix the pastor! She elaborated by saying that the pastor had a tendency of walking in on her when she was taking a bath and do nothing, claiming that as a man of God, he was unmoved, perhaps by the presence of a naked woman in a bath! Ms Mlauzi continued that the intention of what they did to the pastor was to find out if he was going to be sexually aroused or not. She went further saying that they wanted to prove to the pastor that he had feelings like everybody else. She summarized saying and we quote:

"I wanted him to see that he was not special and was not immune to sexual arousal. When I touched him, he immediately got aroused. And that is all we wanted to see." An absolutely incredible and interesting case of sexual nature from Zimbabwe, with all the hallmarks of the Nigerian men and women sexual feud! _____________________________ © 2015 - 2017 Africauptodate. All Rights Reserved

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