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Russia's Luna-25 Spacecraft On Its Way To Lunar South Pole

Rest Of The World | Science & Technology August 11, 2023

On the early hours of August 11, 2023, Russia launched a spacecraft called Luna-25 destined to the south pole area of the moon. The robotic lander was launched from The Vostochny Cosmodrome in Vostochny, Amur Region, in the eastern part of the country.

At launch, Luna-25 is said to have been mounted on a Soyuz rocket that will give it appropriate trajectory to the moon before separating and proceeding to destination on its own power. Reportedly, the lunar spacecraft is expected make lunar orbit after 5 days and land on the surface of the lunar south pole 7 days later.

If Luna-25 mission is successful, Russia will be the first country in the world to land a spacecraft on the surface of the lunar south pole. The latter is said to be rich in mineral resources and ice water, hence conducive to possible human habitation.

Luna-25 mission is Russia's first lunar mission since 1976 when it carried out its last mission namely Luna-24 under the former Soviet Union.

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