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Dar es Salaam's Makonda Urges Religious Clerics To Preach In Night Clubs

Not long ago, the regional commissioner (RC) of Dar es Salaam city region in Tanzania, Paul Makonda, made headlines worldwide after vowing to hunt down all gays in his area of jurisdiction, in pursuit of some sort of religious crusade. Now he has spoken one more time with similar religious goal, reported some East African media on September 9, 2019. This time, the outspoken city boss is said to have urged religious leaders to preach in his city's night clubs in order to spread the word of God directly to citizens.

According to the reports, RC Makonda made the call to the clerics following regular visits he made to night clubs in his city, just to discover Tanzanians have been having fun without pay heed to existence of God. On the basis of the finding, the RC reportedly announced on September 8, 2019 that religious leaders will, effective from next week, be allowed to preach in Dar es Salaam's night clubs for at least 30 minutes.

Eccentric call from the religious RC Makonda!


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