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Controversial Incarceration Of A$AP Rocky In Sweden To Become Documentary Film

Africa's Diaspora Communities | Entertainment & Lifestyle June 6, 2021

The controversial arrest and incarceration of popular African American rapper A$AP Rocky in Stockholm, Sweden, will soon become a documentary film, reported some media on June 6, 2021. The new film that will be released by A$AP Rocky himself, is called Stockholm Syndrome. It will be premiered at the forthcoming film festival in Tribeca, Manhattan, NYC, on June 13, 2021, according to the reports.

A$AP Rocky was arrested on July 3, 2019, after been involved in a big fight outside a Maxi burger outlet in downtown Stockholm, that was started by some local youths, a few days earlier. He was then incarcerated under alleged appalling jail conditions for one month before been put on trial in a magistrate court in the city for assault, convicted, and slapped with a two-year suspended sentence.

The circumstances under which the rapper was arrested and incarcerated raised many questions and became headlines worldwide, with some critics saying that the arrest and subsequent incarceration were outcome of Sweden’s chronic de facto racism. The incident became a global justice issue prompting even then US President Donald Trump to act, calling for immediate release of A$AP Rocky who is now officially dating the global music megastar turned fashion and beauty mogul Rihanna. _________________________ © 2015 - 2021 Africauptodate. All Rights Reserved

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