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#MeToo Like Allegations Against Late King Of Pop Michael Jackson

Despite been dead for about a decade, the late undisputed King of Pop Michael Jackson has been accused by two men for sexually grooming and molesting them when they were just little boys.

The now grown up men made the damaging allegations in #MeToo like narrations in a new two-part documentary called Leaving Neverland by HBO. The documentary has been aired in USA, with part 2 aired on March 5, 2019.

It is not clear what the two men expect to gain from their accusations that entail alleged sexual misconduct cases dating back more than a decade, against the late greatest pop artist of all time. One thing though, the accusations may not lead to court proceedings because the accused can not defend himself!

Michael Jackson's family is said to have condemned the documentary and dismissed the allegations as lies.

Despite the allegations, late Michael Jackson's estate is flourishing, reportedly worth a staggering $2 billion.


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