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Tanzania's Twaweza Boss' Passport Confiscated

Recently, Tanzania's leading think tank Twaweza published damning results of their opinion poll that revealed approval rating of President John Magufuli plummeted from 96% in 2016 to 55% in April 2018, hence a staggering drop of 41% in just two years. Following the publication, the government of Tanzania got furious, questioned the legality of the poll, and threatened to take Twaweza to court unless a convincing explanation was given.

Now, according to Tanzania media on August 5, 2018, the government seems to have gone even further by confiscating the passport of Twaweza's boss Aidan Eyakuze. The government says Mr Eyakuze's passport was confiscated because his citizenship is under investigation. The reason is, however, not convincing in some quarters in Tanzania.

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