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People Of African Descent In EU Face Discrimination, Harassment, And Social Exclusion, Says Report

A damning report has revealed people of African descent living in the European Union (EU) are facing serious discrimination, harassment, and social exclusion. Key contents of the report were published in various European media on November 28, 2018.

The report is the outcome of a survey carried out between 2015 and 2016 by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, in which about 6000 people of African descent living in 12 EU countries took part.

According to the report, racism against people of African descent referred to in the report as "black people" in the EU is widespread and entrenched. It continues discrimination of people of African descent is common place in the bloc.

To be more specific, the report provided a ranking of the 12 countries surveyed in terms of level of racism against people of African descent. In the ranking, Finland is at the top as EU country where people of African descent suffer most racism, followed by Luxembourg, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Sweden. At the bottom of the ranking are Malta and UK as EU countries with least racism against people of African descent.

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