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MPLA Wins Angola General Elections 2022

Africa | Angola August 29, 2022

Angola electoral commission on August 29, 2022, declared the country’s ruling party MPLA winner of the general elections that were held on August 24, 2022. MPLA is said to have won the election with 51.2% of the votes while its arch-rival UNITA received 44% of the votes. The election results imply that the incumbent President João Lourenco who was the presidential nominee for MPLA has secured a second and last 5-year term in office.

Notwithstanding, however, the results of the 2022 general elections show MPLA that is weakening and UNITA that is bolstering at the ballot place. In the 2017 general elections MPLA won with 61% of the votes while UNITA received only 27% of the votes.

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