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Chinese Overfishing In Mozambique's Coastal Waters With Government Consent

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

According to latest episode of Swedish television channel SVT2's renown whistleblowing programme called Korrespondenterna (The Correspondents in English), aired on November 5, 2019, Chinese are overfishing in Mozambique's coastal waters.

In their damning report, Korrespondenterna's reporters observed the Chinese are using large scale fishing vessels to capture indiscriminately all species of fish, large and small, in Mozambique's coastal waters, hence overfishing the waters. The caught fish are then brought on shore, packed, and then shipped in containers to China, probably Shanghai.

Because of overfishing by Chinese, quantity and species of fish in the coastal waters of Mozambique have severely declined in recent time, leaving local small scale fishermen who rely on fish for both food and income, complaining bitterly, said the reporters.

Reportedly, overfishing in Mozambique's coastal waters by Chinese is going on with fully consent of the government of Mozambique. Earlier this year, various media reported the government of Mozambique and China signed a fishing deal that seems to support and allow Chinese to plunder the country's coastal fishery resources.

Why the government there allowed Chinese to carry out the ongoing overfishing to feed Chinese people in China, while its citizens are losing their source of food and livelihood, is said to be probably a result of corruption.


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