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"White People Playing Black People Music" BBC World Service Continues Using Controversial

White and black labels of people are metaphoric and racist because in real world there are no human beings with skins that are white, and those with truly black skins are just a handful. We all know now how the labels have and are still been used consolidate and promote racism in the world. The labels are therefore controversial, and as such, we expect those opposed to racism to ditch them once and for all as the most effective way for eradicating racism. But then, and astonishingly, some of the most respected broadcasting companies in the world don't seem to being doing that. One of them is BBC World Service.

BBC World Service despite having numerous people of African ancestry in its team, has so far not shown any sign of stopping embracing the white and black labels of people. Descriptions of Africans and people of African ancestry as blacks and Europeans as whites can been heard almost daily by listeners of their radio.

For instance, on July 8, 2018, the labels were used on multiple occasions in a discussion related to whether Europeans should be entitled to play African music. What was heard include and we quote: ..white people playing black people music..".

The question we would like BBC World Service to respond to is, why do they continue emphasizing use of white and black labels of people while they know the labels have embedded meanings different from color per se and above all racist? We expect multi-racial companies like BBC World Service to be at the forefront of the global endeavor geared towards eradication of racism, and continued use of the racist demographic concepts is definitely unhelpful in that direction.

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