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Set Your Ovaries Free, Tanzania's Magufuli Urges Women

President John Magufuli of Tanzania on July 10, 2019 reiterated his earlier calls on Tanzanians to reproduce in large numbers and increase the country's population significantly, this time by urging women there to set their ovaries free. That was reported by media worldwide on July 11, 2019.

The president, also known as The Bulldozer, is said to have made the rather unusual request to women when elaborating his government's ambitious industrialization program, during a speech in his home district of Chato. He indicated big population is good for a country's economy, and cited China as an example. Within this context, he reportedly urged Tanzanian women to stop blocking their ovaries so that the country's population can increase and facilitate economic growth.

Currently, Tanzania's population is 55 million and growing at a rate of about 7% per year. At the same time, 49% of the population is said to live on $1.90 a day.


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