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Coronavirus Subsides In Sweden As Other Parts Of Europe Witness Surge

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Sweden is one of a handful of countries in the whole world that chose not to impose strict nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead the Nordic country chose less strict mitigation measures that include: physical distancing; self isolation by infected people and people belonging to vulnerable groups in terms of age and medical health conditions; limiting size of crowds in indoor and outdoor venues; advising people to: wash their hands regularly, work from home if possible, and avoid unnecessary use of public modes of transport; among other measures.

Despite being largely advisory and having very weak or perhaps no legal teeth at all, the mitigation measures are, however, said to have been strictly adhered by Swedes probably because of their renowned total trust and unwavering obedience of what they advised or told to do by the government they elect to power.

Sweden’s response to the coronavirus pandemic was definitely an antithesis of that by other countries in Europe and rest of the world at large. As such, it was lambasted in some quarters, while remaining a case of great interest and curiosity in some others.

Now, coronavirus in Sweden has subsided very considerably with death rate in the country said to have returned back to normal, i.e. to pre-coronavirus pandemic death rate. That is according to some media sources on September 21, 2020. At the same time, other countries in Europe like France, Spain, Britain, Denmark, and Norway, among others, that imposed strict nationwide coronavirus lockdowns are witnessing surge in the disease just few months after they confidently eased the lockdowns.

So, probably Sweden made the right move after all, as regards response to the coronavirus pandemic. Showing growing confidence emanating from experience, Sweden’s medical and health experts who have been leading the country’s battle against the virus, have reportedly said that even when a covid-19 vaccine is eventually available, it may not be necessary to vaccinate everyone but rather only those belonging to vulnerable groups. Confidence that probably indicates believe that Sweden may have attained herd immunity against covid-19!


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