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British Court Rejects Extradition Request By USA Of Wikileaks' Legendary Founder Assange

Rest Of The World January 4, 2021

A British court in London on January 4, 2021 ruled against a request by USA for extradition of Wikileaks' legendary founder Julian Assange to stand trial in USA on alleged espionage. That was reported by some media.

Julian Assange was arrested by British police in 2019 after a decade of refugee inside Ecuador embassy in London, to avoid possible extradition to USA. The latter had requested UK to extradite him to USA to stand trial for alleged spying and unlawful data intrusion. Assange has, however, persistently dismissed the allegations as politically motivated, with numerous human rights groups worldwide supporting him and castigating the US allegations against the famous philanthropist as gross violations of freedom of press.

The controversial espionage allegations by USA against Assange are linked to, among others, Wikileaks’ damning revelations that show barbaric brutality on unarmed civilians by some American soldiers during the disgraceful infamous Iraq War.

Reportedly, the Iraq War claimed over 100 000 civilian lives and destroyed most of the country’s infrastructure and buildings.


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