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Yoweri Museveni Wins Uganda Presidential Election 2021

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Africa | Uganda | Commentary January 16, 2021

Uganda Electoral Commission on the afternoon of January 16, 2021 announced that incumbent President Yoweri Museveni won the country’s presidential election held on January 14, 2021. He won 58.64% of the vote. The victory gives him a sixth term in office. His main challenger Bobi Wine won 34.83% of the vote according to the announcement.

Notwithstanding, Bobi Wine has reportedly refused to concede defeat citing widespread electoral fraud. Particularly, Bobi Wine alleges electoral irregularities that include lack of transparency of the electoral process. He has indicated that he intends to appeal to the country’s Supreme Court to challenge the results. He also reportedly said his home is currently surrounded by armed soldiers and fears for safety of himself and his family.

Uganda presidential election 2021 that was part of Uganda general elections 2021 took place under tense security situation and total Internet blackout. During the election campaign, the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni reportedly said he was seeking another term in office to ensure stability in Uganda, while Bobi Wine is said he was bidding for the presidency to represent the country’s younger generation.

Given the obvious fact that not all voters belonging to the younger generation support Bobi Wine and that some of the voters may be supporters of President Museveni, the chance of Bobi Wine of securing over 50% of the presidential vote needed to win the elections was practically small. 34.83% win of the presidential vote may therefore be quite realistic given the size of the segment of the electorate of his support base. Allegations of widespread electoral fraud may therefore be far-fetched and difficult to substantiate in court.

As such, the best, tactical, and wise political move by Bobi Wine is probably to accept the results of the presidential vote and congratulate Museveni, and then consolidate his position at Uganda’s political arena as the main opposition leader, and prepare for the next general elections in 2026. After all, his political party, National Unity Platform, is said to have made some significant milestones in the parliamentary election by which several of Museveni’s party members of parliament lost their seats. It could also be important for Bobi Wine to use the time between now and the next general elections to broaden his support base to include all segments of the electorate.

Uganda’s Constitution does not limit number of presidential terms or top age of presidential nominees.


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