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Papua New Guinea's PM Blasts Biden's Utterance That His Uncle Was Eaten By Cannibals There

Africa's Diaspora Communities | Papua New Guinea April 23, 2024

Papua New Guinea (PNG)'s Prime Minister James Marape on April 21, 2024, blasted US President Joe Biden's utterance that his uncle Ambrose J. Finnegan Jr. was eaten by cannibals there during the World War II. That was reported by some media on April 22, 2024. Biden is said to have made the utterance at a war memorial event in Pennsylvania last week.

More specifically, Biden reportedly said that Ambrose J. Finnegan Jr. who was a pilot in the US Air Force, was shot down in an area infested with cannibals in PNG, during World War II. He continued that his uncle's body was never found, and implied that the cannibals consumed it.

PM Marape in blasting President Biden's awkward remark, reportedly said people of PNG do not deserve to be labeled cannibals. He added that World War II was not a creation of the people of PNG but rather they were dragged into it.


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