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Mali Military Recaptures Strategic Rebel-Held Town Of Kidal As Fleeing Rebels Vow To Return

Africa | Mali November 16, 2023

Mali military has recaptured strategic rebel-held town of Kidal in northern part of the country. That was reported by some media on November 16, 2023.

According to the reports, Mali military with support of Russian Wagner Group's forces, recaptured the town after after a 3-day battle that entailed, among others, bombardment with artillery and use of drones.

The recapture of Kidal is said to be a major milestone for Mali military in its fight against insurgents in the country, after it expelled United Nations peace keepers and cancelled military partnership deals with France and some European countries.

As they fled for their lives, the rebels mainly of Tuareg ethnicity reportedly downplayed their defeat saying that they were not fleeing but making a tactical retreat, and that they will return.


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