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Ethiopia’s Tigray Military Conflict Escalates After Missiles Fired At Eritrea’s Capital

Africa | Ethiopia | Eritrea November 15, 2020

Ethiopia’s military conflict in its Tigray Regional State has escalated and spilled over into neighboring Eritrea after Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) troops on November 14, 2020 fired missiles at Eritrea’s capital Asmara. That was reported by some media.

According to the reports, three missiles were fired at Asmara, targeting Asmara Airport and a government building. The airport is said to have been hit while the building was untouched. The leader of Tigray Regional State has reportedly confirmed the missile attack on Asmara and added that his forces have been battling both Eritrean troops and Ethiopian federal troops for some days now. This escalation of the military conflict implies TPLF that is said to be well armed with an estimated 250 000 troops, is now at war on two fronts.

Ethiopia’s Tigray military conflict began on November 4, 2020 when Ethiopia Federal Government launched a military operation in Tigray in response to an attack by troops belonging to TPFL on some federal military bases in the region. Initially TPFL dismissed the reason given by Ethiopia Federal Government for its military operation, but admitted later on November 14, 2020, that it’s troops did, indeed, attack federal military bases in the region in what it called pre-emptive strikes.

As a result of the military conflict in Tigray, numerous civilians are said to have fled the regional state into neighboring Sudan creating what could become another refugee crisis in the region. Many innocent people are also said to have been massacred during the conflict.

Relation between Tigray Regional State and Ethiopia Federal Government began to deteriorate after the regional state held general elections in September 2020 in defiance of federal postponement of the elections due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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