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Duel In Mekele Imminent After Ethiopia’s PM Gives Greenlight

Africa | Ethiopia November 26, 2020

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on November 26, 2020 ordered the country’s military to begin what he called final phase of military operation in Tigray Region State. That was reported by some media.

The “final phase” of the operation is said to entail a move by federal forces on the region state’s capital Mekele. That may imply a fierce bloody duel in the city of over 300 000 inhabitants, between federal forces and Tigray rebel forces. The latter have reportedly vowed to fight back mercilessly, in what they think is a civil war.

Earlier in the week, Ethiopia Federal Government had given Tigray rebels until November 25, 2020 to lay down their weapons and surrender, failure of which federal forces would make a move on Mekele city.


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