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China ‘s New Locally Made Passenger Jet Plane C919 Makes Debut Commercial Flight

Rest Of The World | Science & Technology May 29, 2023

China’s new locally manufactured passenger jet plane called C919 made its debut commercial flight successfully on May 28, 2023, reported some media.

C919 passenger jet plane is brainchild of Chinese manufacturing firm called COMAC. The maiden flight is said to have been between Shanghai and Beijing, by China Eastern Airlines. The latter reportedly signed a deal with COMAC for five C919 planes, in March 2021.

The new plane is said to be China’s response to current dominance of the global passenger jet plane market by USA and Western Europe, and particularly the Boeing and Airbus brands.

The launching of C919 comes at a time when China is facing all sorts of technological, economic, and political obstacles from the so-called West, aimed at hindering or retarding its rapidly growing economy and military power.

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