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Japanese Princess Ayako Ditches Royalty To Marry Commoner

Princess Ayako (28) of Japan married commoner Kei Moriya (32) in a ritualistic private wedding ceremony at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, on October 29, 2018, reported media sources worldwide.

The decision by the princess to marry a commoner implies she automatically ditched her royal title, hence became commoner Ayako Moriya immediately after the signing of the marriage certificate. As a formality, however, Princess Ayako will have to formally renounce her royal status.

According to Japan's imperial law, female members of the country's royal family forfeit their royal titles, status, and allowances if they choose to marry outside royal or aristocratic circles. Male royal members are exempted from the provisions of the law.

Princess Ayako is the daughter of Prince Takamado. The latter is cousin of Emperor Akihito.

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