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Anti-Migration May Be Nationalism Issue Not Racism As Purported

Paradoxically, countries in regions of the world that generate most migrants to Europe, USA, and Canada are also the leading anti-migration countries in the world. That is according to a BBC World Service radio discussion aired on April 14, 2019.

The discussion suggested while, for instance, in USA less than 50% of the population are anti-migration, in some countries in Latin America and Africa, like Argentina, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, more than 50% of their populations are anti-migration. In Nigeria and Kenya more than 60% of their populations are anti-migration.

Even in the Middle East, some countries with temporary migrant labour policies, e.g. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, etc, may also have more than 50% of their populations against migration.

Accordingly, notion that increasing anti-migration in USA and Europe in particular, depicts increasing racism may not be scientifically correct. However, racists may have exploited anti-migration to consolidate their agenda!

Contrary to the above notion, anti-migration may be an emerging global social phenomenon that indicates increasing nationalism globally, emanating probably from perceived dwindling national identity. It is therefore an anti-thesis or response to international migration that is already an established complex global social phenomenon itself.


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