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Caucasian ISIS Jihadist Michael Skråmo Captured In Syria

One of a handful native European alias Caucasian ISIS jihadists Michael Skråmo has been captured by Kurdish militia in north Syria, reported some Swedish media on March 6, 2019.

Mr Skråmo (33) is native Norwegian but has lived most of his life in Sweden. In 2014, himself, his wife and their four children left Göteborg, Sweden, and headed to Raqqa in Syria where they joined the notorious Islamist terrorist group ISIS. In Raqqa, Mr Skråmo appeared in several ISIS propaganda videos in full Arabic attire and heavily armed in classic jihadist way with an AK-47.

Mikael Skråmo seemingly strong commitment to ISIS is interesting because majority of European ISIS jihadists are naturalized immigrants from the Middle East or their descendants. If he is returned to Europe, Mr Skråmo may face terrorist crime charges in Norway that reportedly has better laws for such crime than Sweden.

At the same, there are reports of children of captured jihadists been rejected by authorities in Iraq and Syria as if children choose who their parents should be!


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