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South Africa To Legalize Sex Trade To Lessen Crime Against Women

Africa | South Africa December 10, 2022

South Africa will legalize sex trade, reported some media on December 9, 2022. The planned legalization of sex trade implies that sale and buying of sex in South Africa will permitted by the law. Sex workers in South Africa who have been calling for decriminalization of their work have reportedly applauded the government’s move.

South Africa is said to have about 150 000 sex workers who currently operate illegally. Unprotected by the law, the sex workers are said to be highly susceptible to all sorts of crime including physical abuse, rape, robbery, and murder.

The planned legalization of sex trade is expected to lessen crime against sex workers and women at large in South Africa, according to the reports.

Reportedly, South Africa is among countries with the highest number of women murders in the world.

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