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South Africa´s Notozi Jennifer Mgobozi Attains Master’s Degree At 75

Africa | South Africa November 18, 2021

(Photo: Walter Sisulu University, Eastern Cape, South Africa)

South Africa’s 75-year-old Notozi Jennifer Mgobozi has graduated at Walter Sisulu University (WSU) in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, with a master’s degree in education, reported some South African media on November 18, 2021. Ms Mgobozi whose professional background is reportedly teacher development for quality education, enrolled at WSU’s master’s program in education in 2018.

According to the reports, Ms Mgobozi sees her academic milestone as part of her legacy that will benefit and inspire others, while a spokesperson for WSU thinks that Ms Mgobozi attainment of the graduate qualification at 75 illustrates that one is never too old to study.

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