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Nigeria Vows To Prosecute Parents Of Non-School Going Children While Not Offering Free Children Educ

With 20% of its children population, about 10 million, not attending school, Nigeria has one of the world's largest proportion of non-school going children. However, now the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has vowed to change that once and for all! How the government would do that - by prosecuting parents of non-school going children!

But there is one big time problem though, with the above approach by the government to the issue. The parents of non-school going kids are fiercely fighting back, arguing they don't send their kids to school because they are poor with no cash for necessary school fees. That sounds like a very fair defense, at least to us, by the parents in Africa's largest economy.

Often, governments that make children education compulsory and prosecute parents who don't send their children to school, also offer free children education. One wonders why Nigeria can not do that especially when some African countries with smaller economies like Botswana, Tanzania, Ghana, and Kenya among others, are doing exactly that!


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