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Sudan On The Verge Of Civil War After Fighting Erupted Between National Army And Paramilitary Unit

Africa | Sudan April 15, 2023

Sudan is on the verge of a civil war after heavy fighting erupted on April 15, 2023, between the national army and a paramilitary unit called Rapid Support Forces Paramilitary alias RSF Paramilitary. Fighting is said to be ongoing in the capital Khartoum and the city of Merowe as well as in some other parts of the country including Darfur region.

Reportedly, the fighting is an outcome of a dispute between the national army and RSF Paramilitary, related to integration of the latter into the former.

If the current military conflict transforms into a civil war, that will not be the country’s first civil war. The country’s last civil war, also known as Second Sudanese Civil War, began in 1983, and involved bloody fighting between the national army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). The civil war ended 22 years later in 2005, followed by creation of South Sudan as a sovereign nation in 2011, hence fragmentation of the once one of the geographically largest countries in Africa.

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