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Richard Roundtree Dies At 81

Africa's Diaspora Communities | Entertainment & Lifestyle October 25, 2023

Legendary African American movie star Richard Roundtree is dead. He died in Los Angeles, CA, on October 24, 2023. He was 81.

Richard Roundtree rose to stardom at the age 0f 29, after playing a leading starring role in the now classic thriller movie Shaft that was released in 1971. In the action movie, he portrayed a fictitious detective called John Shaft.

Richard Roundtree is said to be one of the first African American action movie heros. His robust physique, macho characteristics, and wisdom reportedly generated an archetype of masculinity in African American communities, other African diaspora communities elsewhere, and the continent of Africa at large. More generally, Richard Roundtree is said to have inspired many people of African descent as well as indigenous Africans to become more confident.

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