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President Hage Geingob Of Namibia Dies At 82

Africa | Namibia February 4, 2024

President Hage Geingob Of Namibia is dead. That was announced by the government there and reported by various media.

According to the reports, President Hage Geingob died at a hospital in the capital Windhoek, on February 4, 2024. He was 82.

Dr Hage Geingob became the president of the SADC member country on March 21, 2015. He died when he was serving his second and last mandatory term in office that expires on March 21, 2025.

The country's Vice President Nangolo Mbumba will now take over and serve as President of Namibia for the remaining period of President Hage Geongob's second mandatory term. Reportedly, he was sworn in just hours after the death of his predecessor.


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