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Haiti PM Ariel Henry Steps Down

Africa's Diaspora Communities | Haiti March 12, 2024

Haiti Prime Minister (PM) Ariel Henry has stepped down, reported some media on March 12, 2024.

The stepping down of the PM is said to have been announced at an emergency meeting of the Caribbean Community alias CARICOM in Jamaica. Reportedly, the meeting addressed the situation in Haiti, and particularly deployment of a UN backed international force led by Kenya, to help the country's fragile police force deal with deteriorating security situation there. Haiti has no military.

The PM's departure from Haiti's political scene is expected to pave the way for establishment of a transitional authority in the Caribbean country, that will strive to ensure peaceful transition of power there through a free and fair election, say the reports.

PM Ariel Henry steps down as Haiti is on the brink of plunging into anarchy, with armed gangs said to have taken control of most of the capital Port au Prince's strategic infrastructure and public buildings including the main airport, police stations, and major roads. Gang leaders are said to have demanded PM Ariel Henry to go if civil war in Haiti was to be evaded.

Currently, PM Ariel Henry is in Puerto Rico, USA, where he arrived recently from an official visit to Kenya. He ended up there after his plane became unable to land at Haiti's Port au Prince's main airport due to attacks by armed gangs. He is said to have been welcomed by US authorities to continue staying in Puerto Rico even after stepping down.


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