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Burkina Faso Orders French Troops To Quit Within 30 Days

Africa | Burkina Faso January 22, 2023

Government of Burkina Faso has ordered French troops stationed in the country to quit within 30 days. That was reported by some media on January 22, 2023.

Currently, about 400 French troops are stationed in Burkina Faso to help fight Islamist insurgents who have persistently been unleashing deadly attacks in some parts of the country. However, the military government in Burkina Faso and their supporters reportedly think the French troops have not done a good job in containing the insurgency and would like to replace them with probably Russian troops.

Discontent with presence of French troops in former French colonies in West Africa has been increasing in recent years, especially in countries under military juntas entailing young soldiers. For instance, not long ago, in February 2022, military junta in Mali ordered France to pull its troops out of the country immediately. France completed the pull-out in August 2022.

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