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James Marape Elected Papua New Guinea's New Prime Minister

Papua New Guinea parliament on May 30, 2019, elected former finance minister James Marape the country's new prime minister, reported some media.

James Marape replaces Peter O'Neill who quitted the post on May 29, 2019 after months of political turmoil characterized by political defections, and that polarized the natural asset rich island nation.

Speaking after been elected, James Marape is said to have vowed to maximize Papua New Guinea benefits from extraction of its vast natural resources, or what he called and we quote:

".....taking back our economy"

He then warned unscrupulous foreign companies operating in Papua New Guinea accordingly.

His predecessor Peter O'Neill has been accused of striking shady deals with foreign companies in non-transparent manners, that favored the companies instead of Papua New Guinea. Such deals include a controversial $13 billion liquefied natural gas for export project.

James Marape has also promised to increase inclusiveness in Papua New Guinea, particularly reducing economic disparity between urban and rural areas.

James Marape becomes the 8th prime minister of Papua New Guinea. _______________________ © 2015 - 2019 Africa Up To Date. All Rights Reserved

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