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Madonna Castigates Ageism In The Music Industry

The undisputed Queen of Pop diva Madonna has castigated ageism in the music industry, reported some media on May 4, 2019. The outstanding diva is said to have done that in the forthcoming June 2019 issue of the British Vogue magazine.

According to the reports, diva Madonna narrates in the magazine she has had continuous battles during her entire music career that spans almost four decades, over among others, and we quote partly:

''.......... whether it's that I'm not pretty enough, I don't sing well enough, I'm not talented enough, I'm not married enough......."

She added that currently its a battle over her age, and we quote partly as thus:

'........ Now I'm fighting ageism, now I'm being punished for turning 60".

Diva Madonna celebrated her 60th birthday in August 2018 but she continues to be a real force to reckon with in a music industry crowded with young artists. She released a new single Medellin recently from her forthcoming 14th studio album called Madame X. The latter is scheduled for released on June 14, 2019.

In concluding, Madonna probably reiterating her status as the undisputed Queen of the Pop, told the British Vogue, and we quote partly one more time:

"...........Being a single parent of six children, I continue to be creative and be an artist and be politically active, to have voice, to do all the things that I do. So I mean, there isn't anybody in my position"

Powerful and fair attack by the greatest diva of all time. Definitely people should not stop excelling in various spheres of life if they can, just because their numerical ages are advanced!


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