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USA Will No Longer Fight For Others Free Of Charge, Says Trump

In a surprise visit to US troops stationed in Iraq on December 26, 2018, President Donald Trump made it crystal clear USA will no longer deploy its troops to fight for other countries without pay. He emphatically elaborated if other countries want USA to fight for them, they will have to pay for it.

Mr Trump's remarks come after his recent decision to pull out US troops from Syria. There are also indications the president might reduce substantially the number of US troops stationed in Afghanistan.

Since taking power about 2 years ago, President Trump has made great international policy decisions that have led to massive contribution to world peace. For instance, his unprecedented face to face meeting with North Korea's leader Kim Jong un, in a summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018, has stopped North Korea's perpetual nuclear weapons tests hence delivering calm to the North Korean Peninsula, with South Korea said to have recently agreed with North Korea to contribute to the modernization of latter's dilapidated railway system.


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