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Tanzanian Artist Amber Rutty Faces Possible Life Imprisonment For Alleged Sodomy

Popular Tanzanian artist and socialite Amber Rutty is facing possible 30 years or life imprisonment for alleged sodomy, reported Tanzanian media on October 27, 2018.

The sexy Amber Rutty is reported to have got into very serious trouble with the government of Tanzania, after an X-rated video showing her having steamy anal sex with two unidentified men leaked. Immediately after the leakage, she is said to have been summoned by regional authorities in the commercial capital Dar es Salaam.

Sodomy is a very serious crime in Tanzania, with offenders facing up to 30 years or life jail terms.

At the same time, another Tanzanian female celebrity, actress and former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu has been banned by the government from film acting indefinitely, after a video showing her kissing her boyfriend leaked online.

Tanzania's laws aimed at ensuring some sort of moral standards or order are inherited from the British colonial era. While Britain has moved on and abolished the laws, Tanzania and some other Commonwealth countries continue to cherish them as if they were indigenous!

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