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Burundi's Nkurunziza Announces He Will Step Down In 2020

President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi announced on June 7, 2018 that he will not seek for another term in office after his current term expires in 2020. The announcement came as a surprise to those who speculated the president would take advantage of a recent change in the country's Constitution that increased the presidential term from 5 to 7 years, to continue staying in power. In making the announcement, President Nkurunziza emphasized the change in Constitution was not intended to be for his benefit but for the country.

The change in Burundi's Constitution followed a national referendum held on May 17, 2018 by which 70% of the country's population approved the change. It extended the presidential term from 5 to 7 years while restricting a president to 2 consecutive terms.

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