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World: USA Marks 50th Anniversary Of Dr Martin Luther King Jr Assassination

On April 4, 2018, USA marked 50th anniversary of the assassination of the iconic civil rights leader, Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Dr King was shot dead on April 4, 2018, while standing at a hotel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee, by a murderer belonging to the so called white supremacists.

He was a staunch campaigner against all forms of racial segregation that seriously affected the quality of life of African Americans. However, he was criticized in some quarters of the African American community per se, e.g. the Black Panther party among others, for his advocacy of non-violent struggle against a violent and brutal racist system. Despite the criticisms, just after his death, USA began witnessing landmark civil right changes he fought for.

To mark the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, 50 years after his death, thousands of people are reported to have gathered in Memphis, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, and many other US cities.

On the same day, while the country remembered and reflected on Dr King's assassination, in New York City police shot dead an African American man for holding in his hand a metallic object that resembled a shower head.

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