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World: Young Saudi Woman In Mini Skirt Arrested

A young Saudi Arabian woman who shared photos of herself in sexy mini skirt and crop top in the social media recently, has been arrested by Riyadh police. The arrest was reported on July 18, 2017, by Saudi Arabia's state television, Al Ekhbariya. A very conservative and undemocratic Islamic country, Saudi Arabia legally requires women to cover themselves totally when in public places, through wearing a traditional attire called abaya. In many cases, albeit more by tradition than law, women are also required to cover their heads and faces with traditional outfit accessories called hijab and niqab respectively! In strict terms, the legal system in Saudi Arabia deliberately gives men unjustifiable total control over women's lives at the public place and perhaps the home as well! In this country, women are even forbidden by law to drive cars!

The arrest of the young woman has been condemned worldwide in the media, as a violation of basic human rights. People have the right to wear what they want, many have correctly argued in castigating the arrest. Learn more about the arrest and take a look at the photos in question Read more _____________________________ © 2015 - 2017 Kimaryo Foundation. All Rights Reserved