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Tanzania Makes Debut Export Of Processed Cashew Nuts

Africa | Manufacturing | Tanzania November 4, 2022

Tanzania has made its debut export of locally processed cashew nuts, reported The EastAfrican on November 3, 2022.

The debut export said to have taken place on October 31, 2022, entailed shipment by air of 8 tons of processed cashew nuts to the USA, by a local subsidiary of a US firm called Ward Holdings International.

The export comes as the government of Tanzania thrives to benefit more from its natural assets and agricultural produce through local processing hence adding value to them before they are exported. Local processing of extracted natural assets and agricultural produce before export not only increase revenues from the exports but also creates jobs.

Already Tanzania is actively engaged in local processing of extracted minerals like gold. Export of mineral ores has been banned and local mineral refineries are now flourishing. Other African countries doing the same thing include Botswana, and South Africa, among others. Those African countries that are not doing it, should be aware that exporting raw natural assets and agricultural produce means giving away revenues and job opportunities to the importing countries.

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