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“Zulu Warriors” Vow To Thwart Jacob Zuma Arrest

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Africa | South Africa July 2, 2021

South Africa’s Constitutional Court on June 29, 2021, slapped Ex-President Jacob Zuma with a 15 month jail sentence for contempt of court, and gave him 5 days, until July 4, 2021, to hand himself over to jail authorities. So far, the ex-president whose whereabouts are reportedly unknown, has not done that.

According to South African law, after expiry of the 5 days, the police are empowered to arrest the ex-president like everyone else and hand him over to a jail. However, the ex-president supporters, presumably entailing some fearless Zulu warriors, do not think such arrest of Jacob Zuma alias Nxamalala who is a Zulu himself, will ever happen. They say they will descend in huge numbers to Nxamalala’s posh residence in Nkandla village, KwaZulu Natal Province, on July 4, 2021, and thwart his arrest by police. They vowed to die to ensure Nxamalala is not arrested because South African law does not safeguard his rights, they added. Already, the supporters some with their weapons visible, are said to have commenced trekking towards Nkandla.

The defiant supporters reportedly argue that Ex-President Jacob Zuma is a victim of a flawed judiciary that is influenced by politics. As such, they say his 15-month jail sentence is politically motivated. Even earlier, just after the sentence was announced by the highest court in South Africa, some of the ex-president supporters castigated the sentence wondering how an ex-president who served a decade long jail sentence at the then notorious Robben Island jail during the struggle against apartheid regime in South Africa hence a liberation hero, could be jailed now while numerous known European South African hard core perpetrators of evil atrocities during the apartheid era were allowed to go free by the Desmond Tutu led post-independence so called Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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