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Zanzibar’s Vice President Maalim Seif Dies

Africa | Tanzania February 17, 2021

The vice-president of Tanzania’s semi-autonomous islands of Zanzibar Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad has died. He died in the morning of February 17, 2021 in Dar es Salaam, reported some media. He was 77.

Earlier on February 1, 2021, Mr Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad confirmed testing positive for covid-19. However, whether it is covid-19 that eventually took his life is not known at the moment.

Mr Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad became Zanzibar’s vice-president after Tanzania’s 2020 general elections, following a coalition between his opposition political party ACT Wazalendo and the ruling party CCM to form Zanzibar national unity government.


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