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UN Urges France To Tackle Police Racism As Riots Sparked By Murder Of Algerian French Teen Continue

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Africa's Diaspora Communities | Human Rights June 30, 2023

United Nations (UN) human rights body on June 30, 2023, accused France of police racism following the gunning down in cold blood by police of a 17-year old Algerian French teenager in the suburbs of Paris on June 27, 2023. The UN body continued by urging France to seriously address what it called deep issues of racism and racial discrimination in law enforcement. That was reported by some media.

The UN human rights body's accusation and call on France come as violent riots by youths, that were sparked by the barbaric murder of the teenager by police, are reportedly gaining momentum and continuing in cities across the country for a third day running. Some media reports say that some streets in the cities affected by the riots look like war zones with fire emanating from torched vehicles and buildings everywhere.

Reportedly, decision by the government there to deploy more than 40 000 police to try and stop the rioting angry youths has so far been unhelpful!

France is said to have a culture of impunity within its police force that tolerates and even encourages brutality and racial profiling. So the barbaric murder of the Algerian French teenager is not an isolated incident. Whether that will change after this latest incident and the resultant ongoing massive nationwide riots by youths, only time will tell.

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