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Ulf Kristersson Elected Sweden’s New PM

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Rest Of The World October 17, 2022

Sweden’s parliament alias Riksdag on October 17, 2022, elected Ulf Kristersson (58) as the country’s new Prime Minister (PM). The parliament’s vote follows nomination of Ulf Kristersson by its speaker a few days earlier. Ulf Kristersson represents a right-wing political bloc that won the country’s parliamentary election of general elections held on September 11, 2022.

The new ruling-right wing political bloc replaces a left-wing political bloc that have dominated Sweden’s politics for over a decade. It entails four parties namely: Sweden’s Democrats (SD), Moderate (M), Christian Democrats (CD), and Liberals (L). SD is the largest party in the bloc and second largest in the country. Election of Ulf Kristersson as PM despite hailing from Moderate party that is the bloc’s second largest party, has reportedly been agreed by all the bloc’s parties.

According to some Swedish media, Mr Kristersson’s new cabinet that is expected to be announced on October 18, 2022, will consist of M, CD, and L only. SD will not therefore be included in the new right-wing cabinet. Again, that is said to have been agreed by all the bloc’s four parties. However, SD is said to have taken other important roles in the new government that will give the rapidly growing party considerable influence in how Sweden will be governed in the coming four years. Particularly, SD influence is expected on policies pertaining to migration and internal security, say some reports.

Lambasting critics of his party during the parliamentary PM vote, SD’s leader Jimmy Åkesson told them that influence of political parties accrues from the ballot place, not the parliament.

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