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The Solution To Nigeria’s Problems Is Female President, Says Presidential Nominee Chichi Ojei

Africa | Nigeria February 2, 2023

Talking to BBC Focus On Africa’s Peter Okwoche on February 2, 2023, female presidential nominee for Nigeria’s forthcoming General Elections 2023, Chichi Ojei, said that the solution to the Nigeria’s problems is a female president in 2023.

Presidential Nominee Chichi Ojei made the utterance after Peter Okwoche rather provoked her by wondering how she could dare run for presidential position knowing that top political positions in Nigeria have so far been seen as belonging to men.

Nigeria’s General Elections 2023 are scheduled for February 25, 2023, and official campaigning is now ongoing. There are 18 presidential nominees with Chichi Ojei as the only woman. Said to be a corporate finance expert, Chichi Ojei is running for president under the banner of Allied Peoples Movement (APM) party.

A fascinating utterance by Presidential Nominee Chichi Ojei that illustrates incredible confidence!

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