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Tanzania's National Football Team Coach Amunike Unreasonably Fired

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Tanzania has fired its national football team coach Emmanuel Amunike, announced the country's football league body Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) on July 8, 2019.

Emmanuel Amunike, a Nigerian former international football superstar, took over as coach of Tanzania's national football team alias Taifa Stars in August 2018. During his short period as coach there, he dramatically transformed and raised the standard of football of the national team, enabling them to qualify for the now ongoing Africa Cup of Nations 2019 in Egypt. It was first time in 39 years, Taifa Stars qualified for the prestigious FIFA continental football league. But then, Taifa Stars failed to win even a single match in Egypt, probably because it was their first experience of the landmark league.

Notwithstanding, despite the poor performance of Taifa Stars at Africa Cup of Nations 2019, participating in the continental league per se was a huge milestone, a possible beginning of a great future for the national team. That is because they are only national teams that have the capacity to qualify for African Cup of Nations that can one day win it!

Within the above context, coach Amunike did a great job of giving Taifa Stars the capacity to qualify for Africa Cup of Nations and eventual victory in the league. Firing him was therefore shortsighted and unreasonable. Instead he should have been congratulated and encouraged to do more, i.e. to take Taifa Stars to even higher levels of the sport! Big success in anything does not occur overnight!


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