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Tanzania Revokes Ban On Political Rallies

Africa | Tanzania January 3, 2023

Government of Tanzania has revoked its highly controversial ban on political rallies, reported some African media.

According to the reports, announcement of the revocation of the ban was made by the country’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan during a meeting with opposition politicians in Dar es Salaam, on January 3, 2023. Since the ban was introduced in 2016, opposition parties are said to have been castigating it as unconstitutional, and gross violation of democratic principles.

Photo: Downtown Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

When President Samia Suluhu Hassan came to power in March 2021, she promised to address political issues confronting the East African nation, especially issues pertaining to human rights and democracy. The revocation of the ban on political rallies is definitely a major milestone in that direction.

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