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Sweden’s PM Magdalena Andersson Quits Just Hours After Been Elected

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Rest Of The World November 24, 2021

Sweden’s newly elected Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has quitted just hours after been elected in a parliamentary vote.

Magdalena Andersson who was elected in the morning of November 24, 2021, quitted about 7 hours later after her political party Social Democrats’ annual budget proposal failed to get support in parliament. Instead, the parliament supported and endorsed a joint right-wing budget proposal presented by a coalition of rightist parties, namely, the Moderates, the Sweden Democrats, and the Christian Democrats.

As such, Social Democrats’ historical ally the Green Party decided to abandon its partnership with the PM’s political party. Constitutionally, that implied a new parliamentary vote for a PM would have to take place, hence her inevitable historic departure.

Magdalena Andersson now becomes not only Sweden’s first female PM but also the country’s PM who has been on the throne for the shortest period.

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