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Stig Engström Gunned Down Swedish PM Olof Palme

34 years after Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was gunned down in Hötorget, downtown Stockholm, perpetrator of the murder was finally announced on the morning of June 10, 2020, by prosecuting attorney responsible for investigation of the murder, Krister Petersson.

According to the announcement that was aired live on Swedish television channel SVT1, the perpetrator is a deceased man called Stig Engström alias Skandiamannen. The latter is said to have died in 2000. He was one of numerous people suspected for the murder but could not be charged because of paucity of evidence.

In the announcement, attorney Krister Petersson said because Stig Engström is dead, he can not arrest and charge him for murder of the iconic extremely popular PM. As such, he continued, Olof Palme murder investigation is now closed.

Paradoxically and according to some Swedish media reports, about 90 000 people have been investigated or questioned over the past 34 years, about the murder of PM Olof Palme, 134 of which confessed they were the ones who unleashed the murder. Out of those who confessed, did so directly to the police, say the reports. Why so many wanted to be charged for the murder they did not commit is not understood. Probably that shows how far people can go to try get some big time attention from others even if that means possibility of been given severe sentences or at least complicating an ongoing crucial criminal investigation!


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