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Samantha Francine’s Incredible Eye To Eye Encounter With Hardcore Racist In Whitefish, MT

In a peaceful protest in Whitefish, Montana, during USA’s ongoing nationwide racial injustice protests, Samantha Francine delivered an incredible response after been confronted by a hardcore racist European American man. That was reported by several US media on June 5, 2020.

According to the reports, the racist man who confronted her was swearing and screaming at her but that did not scare the fearless anti-racism protester. Reportedly, Samantha Francine pulled up her glasses and turned right back onto the racist, resulting in the two looking at each other eye to eye for some minutes with the young African American woman probably ordering him to say the names of George Floyd and many other African Americans who have been murdered brutally by racists like him!

Incredible eye to eye encounter by Samantha Francine, of an obviously hardcore racist. The racist was later arrested and charged for misconduct, say the reports.


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